IWD: Dr Ifeoma Monye Applauds Women, Calls for Self-care

The Founder, Brookfield Centre For Lifestyle Medicine, Dr Ifeoma Monye, has recognised and applauded the efforts of women leaders across the world, as she reminded women to continuously practice and preach self-care.

With the theme: Women in Leadership, Achieving an Equal Future in the COVID-19 world, she expressed, “I salute all women and in particular, all women in various capacities of leadership. The Covid-19 pandemic has dealt a blow on women’s health and income.”

She conceded that women are the ones who nurture and take care of their families and households. According to her, as women leaders “we must remain at the forefront of creating women empowered workplaces and continue to persevere in standing up for what unites us.”

She also called women to support one another to thrive especially in the work place where they must create a culture of mutual respect.

Her words, “Let us explore the challenges and benefits of everyone’s unique attributes, expertise, contributions, backgrounds, and help each other elevate.”

While harping on self care, she said it creates the needed balance in different aspects of our lifestyle, leading to improved health and wellbeing.

She emphasized:

“Look after yourselves so that you are the best version of yourself, to look after others. Look after yourselves for optimal performance at home and at work.”

She listed the benefits of efficient self care as especially crucial to sustainable growth and to ensuring the possibilities of an equitable future for the female populace, for in health lies wealth. “Adopt a lifestyle change today and see yourself bloom in grace.’

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