Brookfield’s Dance with the Doc – Christmas Special

Brookfield took fitness to another level as they held their 1st Dance with the Doc – Christmas Special on Saturday, 14th of December, 2019. It was an exhilarating moment seeing both old and young individuals engaging in physical activity in the most fun loving way!

The event started off with a stretching session and then proceeded to warm up aerobics. As led by Vin Focus Bodyfit, the participants danced in synchrony to the tunes of Nigerian Afro beats.

Why dance? Dancing is a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including:

  • Improved condition of your heart and lungs

  • Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness

  • Weight management

  • Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis

  • Better coordination, agility and flexibility

  • Improved balance and spatial awareness

  • Improved mental functioning

  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Better social skills

In the spirit of Christmas, the Dr Ify Monye specially requested to dance to an Urhobo version of popular Christmas carols. The dance was switched to the local dance steps while everyone had smiles and laughter on their faces.

The dance session was drawn to an end with a 10 minute light yoga and stretching session, while the participants indulged a classical tune.

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