Sights from Walk with a Doc October 2019.

Sights and Sounds from Walk with a Doc October 2019.

This WWAD October edition was exciting, exhilarating and elating, just a few words to describe the walk! It was amazing walking, dancing and celebrating with the good people of Jaytees Wellbeing and Abuja residents. Health focus was ‘’Sitting is the New Smoking”.

Sitting has been tagged the new smoking and here is why;

Sitting for a long time is so overdone that it is as hazardous to our health as smoking, “prolonged sitting will shorten your life, just like smoking”. Prolonged sitting which is one of the hallmark of a sedentary life and physical inactivity, has been shown to be a risk factor in many chronic diseases.

Research has shown that though exercise is good for you, it doesn’t negate the damage done by extended periods of sitting.

So just like smoking, excessive sitting has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

“An interesting study was done in 1953 on London bus drivers, it can be found on the University of Minnesota’s History of Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology website.

British researchers compared rates of heart disease in London bus drivers who sat versus the bus conductors who stood. The research found that the drivers who sat all day experienced far more heart attacks and other problems than the group that stood”. Similar events have been noticed in adults who spent less than 2 hours a day in front of the TV or other types of screens with those who watched more than 4 hours a day, those who spent more time sitting had an increase in the risk of events associated with cardiovascular diseases, such as chest pain (angina) or heart attack.

Several dance and aerobics sessions were conducted by an instructor from Bodyline fitness and Focus Bodyfit. No doubt that Walk with a Doc October edition was an enjoyable event.

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