Staying Healthy III

Fitness….Let’s Move More!

Health and wellbeing is the greatest asset anyone can have. Without physical health and mental wellbeing, you are unable to perform optimally at home or out in the community. One of the sure ways of staying in health is adopting an effective and meaningful physical exercise regimen all through the week. Regular physical activity is a highly beneficial lifestyle change you can adopt to achieve and maintain both short and long-term health benefits.

Not only does it produce short term benefits, such as improvement in your mood, and giving you a burst of energy to last the whole day long; but long-term, it also reduces the risk of developing any of the chronic diseases such as hypertension (persistently raised blood pressure), diabetes, obesity and overweight, to mention but a few.

The health benefits of regular physical activity apply to children and adults of all ages and social groups and to patients with chronic diseases and disa