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In these days of countless visitations by all kinds of sicknesses, diseases and environmental insults to the human race, it is clearly evident that staying in health is the only way to go.

Staying in health means that you do everything humanly possible to prevent the onslaught of any of these illnesses.

What is very interesting is that the process of adopting and maintaining your health is within your grasp. It is the less expensive option. It is time saving and I dare say, the more enjoyable way to live life to the fullest.

Health and wellbeing is the greatest asset any one can have. Without physical health and mental wellbeing, you are unable to be useful to yourself or to your family. Also, you are clearly not useful to the wider community.

Fulfillment in life comes when you are able to live life to the fullest and contribute your quota to the world around you. No matter how much money you have made, without good health, it is impossible to enjoy this money. Being able to express yourself fully with whatever gifts and talents you have been endowed with, will require you to be in excellent health.

Think back to the last time you were very unwell and remember how little you were able to achieve.

This is why doing all you can to prevent illness of any description is certainly the sensible thing to do. Getting all the information needed to do this is the first step in the right direction.

Over the next few weeks, we shall go back to basics. We shall be looking at ways in which we can effectively alter our habits in order to make healthy living the preferred option.

I am hopeful that you will come on this fascinating journey with me and move from just thinking about making healthy lifestyle choices to doing it. I will then hope also for the time you will move from thinking about it, then doing it, to a time when you just do it as second nature, meaning you don’t even think about it, it just comes naturally to make healthy lifestyle choices whenever, wherever, and with whosoever.

“Healthy living” is a very common cliché these days. Somewhat trendy. It is all very well for your doctor to ask you to stay healthy by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

How on earth can you adopt a healthy lifestyle?

The good news is that adopting a healthy lifestyle is actually easier than you might think. There are many easy steps you can take to improve your health. Once you get the hang of it, all that is left to do is to maintain those changes in order to stay in health.

Maintaining your health can be as easy as ABC! Simply doing everyday things a little differently, soon amount to healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Do my habits really affect my health? You may ask.

My simple answer would be “Yes, very much so”.

We now know, through scientific evidence that up to 80-85% of all cases of chronic diseases is caused by what we eat or drink, whether we smoke or not, how much we move, that is physical exercise, our stress resiliency, our sleep patterns.

All the major causes of death, such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Lung Disease and injury can be prevented in part by making healthy lifestyle choices.

We will now look at simple ways to develop healthy habits around food, drinks, sleep, stress management, physical exercise, environmental and personal safety, health screens for early disease detection and disease prevention.

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