Living With Diabetes and Managing It Well

The diagnosis of Diabetes can be a major turning point in the life of anyone affected. Diabetes is a serious disease but you can learn to manage it well and live a long and healthy life.

Let me take you back to that moment when you were faced with your doctor, waiting to hear the result of the blood test you were asked to do in order to reach a diagnosis. Were you relaxed? Anxious? Frozen with fear? There's often disbelief, confusion, or rejection of the announcement by the doctor. Quite frankly, if you knew something of the disease, even just a little, you will not have been in fear or felt anxious or helpless. If you had some basic knowledge of the disease and how to manage it, this would have helped you in no small measure and you would have felt less terrified.

Knowledge is power. With some knowledge of what to expect, what to do to take care of your Diabetes, you will no longer feel powerless to look after yourself and your Diabetes. You will need to understand, monitor and manage your Diabetes to help you keep well and stay healthy. If you are newly diagnosed with Diabetes or you just want to learn more about controlling the disease for yourself, friend or family member, then I suggest you read on.