Men’s Health II

Last week we began to look at the importance of regular health checks with your family doctor. The periodic health check is an ideal time for your family doctor to offer highly beneficial preventive health service. This is one time that the famous quite “ Prevention is better than cure” stands true.

Contrary to popular belief and fears, it is not a time for worry or anxiety about what the doctor might find to be wrong. It is indeed a time for the doctor to deliver some very useful advice and reduce your worry or anxiety about your state of health. Many times, certain observations you make that cause you worry, may not actually amount to anything when thoroughly investigated by your doctor. The best thing therefore is to visit a reputable family doctor to get checked out.

In my practice, I have quite often come across individuals who would say they have seen a doctor for some nonspecific complaints, the doctor did ‘ALL’ the blood tests and they didn’t find ‘ANYTHING’ and the individuals continue to worry that they still feel unwell and they have no answers. Quite often, a periodic health check is a better way to address such situations. This is because during this special health check, many more tests as well as other corrective interventions are offered that are not usually obtained in a regular doctor visit.

So what exactly do you expect when you go for a periodic health assessment with a family physician? The periodic health assessment is a deli