Men’s Health III

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction sometimes known as impotence is a distressing condition for men who suffer from it. There are several reasons why men experience sexual difficulties. In the most part there tends to be a decline in sexual functioning with age. This decline tends to occur in different areas such as frequency of intercourse, sexual desire, satisfaction with sex, frequency of orgasm, problems with erection.

So you have made this decision to go to your family doctor for your periodic health check. Congratulations!


You must feel free to discuss issues around embarrassing body functions with your doctor such as your sexual health, hair loss, your pot belly, snoring that sends your partner out of your bedroom at night, stubborn facial acne, the list goes on. I will encourage you to utilise your visit to your doctor to trash out issues that you will feel otherwise awkward to discuss with anyone else. You help you out of these disconcerting topics, this week we’ll be looking at one of the most distressing, yet humiliating health problems in men. It is a very common condition especially in older men. It is one of the conditions that can make nonsense of a man’s entire feeling of wellbeing if not tackled