Our services at Brookfield Clinics

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Lifestyle medicine clinics

(weight management, addiction management, sleep management, stress management, Diabetes prevention, management and Reversal)

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Specialist Clinics

( Gynaecology, cardiology, Dermatology, ENT, Orthopaedic, Geriatrics, e.t.c) by visiting consultants

Innovative Health Projects

Dance With The Doctor:

Join our rhythm-filled sessions that combine fitness and fun!

Go Green Initiative

Embrace a sustainable and healthy lifestyle growing your garden and vegetables for a greener future.

PULSE Program

Dr. ChubaKeshi CPR Initiative: Be part of our life-saving mission, learning vital CPR techniques for emergencies.

Doctors Teaching Kitchen

Step into our Teaching Kitchen for an interactive session on crafting delicious, healthy meals for a vibrant lifestyle.

Arts in Medicine

Experience healing through creativity. Join our Arts in Medicine program, where art and wellness intersect to foster holistic health.

Discover a healthier, happier you at Brookfield Clinics Centre for Lifestyle Medicine.