Brookfield Health In Schools (BHIS)


We are pleased to introduce our Health promotion Project for schools named “Brookfield Health in Schools (BHIS)”.


Brookfield Centre for Lifestyle Medicine is a multidisciplinary all inclusive medical and wellness organization established to improve people’s lives;  the young and the old through appropriate and well-timed innovative interventions. We have a strong focus on lifestyle related aspect of health, that is, physical activity, healthy eating, healthy mind, healthy body and a healthy environment.


The importance of good nutrition to cognitive development during the early years of a child’s life cannot be overemphasized because memory is central to learning. Therefore, teaching children to be physically active and helping them make healthy food choices will equip them to establish healthy lifestyle patterns at a young age. This will be of immense benefit for the rest of their lives. It is noteworthy, that physical activity promotes healthy growth and development in children.


At Brookfield Centre for Lifestyle Medicine, we believe that health promotion in a school setting includes any activity undertaken to improve and/ or protect the health of all school users – staff and students/pupils alike. We also understand that individual health issues such as healthy eating, substance misuse, mental health, and healthy environment are related to a holistic view of health and health promotion in schools. Therefore, we aim to inspire you and assist you in your important work in seeking to improve the lives of all our young people.


We understand that every school environment has its specific needs and for that reason our BHIS team requests a meeting with your school administrative team at an agreed date to strategize on how best to render this service. We hope that when the program is running and efficient we would have young people that are more likely to learn effectively; that have better chances of good health; young people who feel good about their school and a school whose staff can practice and model healthy lifestyle practices.

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