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Dance with the Doc

Dance With The Doc is Dr Ifeoma Monye’s initiative, powered by the Brookfield Centre for Lifestyle Medicine with an aim to make hope and health accessible to all, and create a culture of healthy living, our doctor-led dancing groups are a safe, fun, and FREE place to bring people together who like to dance, and who would like to learn more about how to live healthier, happier and longer using everyday lifestyle practices and also learn about the many health benefits of dance, with lifestyle medicine physicians, medical doctors and other health professionals. 

Our Events

8th October 2021
Theme: Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

4th September 2021
Theme: Suicide Prevention through social connectedness

7th August 2021
Theme: Enable parents, enable breastfeeding

3rd July 2021
Theme: Less booze, more dance!

5th June 2021
Theme: Dance your way to health