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Looking for a new role offering exciting and challenging rewards? Joining Brookfield will give you a platform for continued success.

1) Business Development Associate


Job Description


  • Identifies and helps to develop strategic relationships with partners or potential customers/patients.

  • Conducts market research and assists in the development of a strong pipeline of new business opportunities through direct or indirect customer contact and prospecting. 

  • Works with marketing, sales, and product development teams to implement business development initiatives. 

  • Requires a bachelor's degree of business, finance, marketing or similar. Science background- beneficial but not essential

  • Must have completed the NYSC programme.

  • Reports to Brookfield’s Innovation Lead and MD. 

  • Typically requires 2 to 4 years of related experience.

  • Must be highly entrepreneurial, innovative and a self-starter.

  • Should be comfortable working independently and in a team.


Core duties and responsibilities


Build Client Relations


In order to expand the market, the Business Development Associate will work to form new client relationships and strengthen existing client relationships to forge new opportunities. In this role, the Business Development Associate will assist in the sales and service processes (of education and clinical services provided by Brookfield)  to ensure client satisfaction to help increase revenue and develop lasting professional relationships that will fuel sales and lead to possible partners with organisations associated with these clients.


Promote Company Products


To build awareness and recognition of products and our services, the Business Development Associate will help to create promotional and sales materials for clients and the public. They will work closely with sales, marketing and advertising departments and managers to form strategies that target specific audiences to grow sales and broaden their market.


Conduct Market Research



The associate will often be involved in analyzing the market and creating reports that focus on consumer behavior, sales and the share of their company’s market in relation to their specific products. They generate plans on how to increase this market share and develop strategies that will lead to greater revenue.


Coordinate Marketing and Networking Events


From trade shows to community events, the associate will organize events that lead to client meetings and product promotions. They might assist in choosing materials and products to include in these events and even attend shows and meetings to represent the company.


Associate skills required


Employing strong organisational and communication skills, the Business Development Associate will work with various departments to ensure company product promotions, sales, development and effective marketing campaigns. 


They are typically creative and detail-oriented team players who are able to build and maintain productive relationships with fellow employees, clients, customers, vendors and other professionals involved in the production, sales and marketing of products. They are adept at working within time constraints and using strong problem-solving and analytical skills. In additional to these particular abilities, we usually seek Business Development Associates with the following skills:

Marketing and promoting products through the development of materials and the organization of events, such as creating brochures, arranging trade shows and leading the team on the planning of the annual Lifestyle Medicine Conference hosted by the Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners Association of Nigeria.

Collaborating with various departments to create and implement strategies that will expand market share, increase brand awareness and sales, and ensure customer satisfaction.


Analyzing the market to understand competition and measure the need for a specific product.

Assessing company objectives and current sales trends to recognize new business opportunities and growth potential.

Application Closing date: May 1 2018

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NB- Only apply for this role once you have completely* familiarised yourself with our company.

2) Family Physician (6 months Maternity Locum Cover) 

June 2018 Start

Job Description

Primarily, they work with the same group of patients who are registered with their practice and can find themselves dealing with a huge range of different ailments, injuries and illnesses.

Their responsibilities include: 

- Conducting regular patient check-ups

- Diagnosing any ailments

- Prescribing medication

- Providing advice to people on staying healthy 

- Referring patients to specialists and consultants in hospital departments.

A general practitioner may also work alongside other medical institutions, such as clinics and drop-in centres, to assist in the care of patients outside of their own practice.


- 2 Years post NYSC

- Living in Abuja

- Must be highly entrepreneurial, innovative and a self-starter.

- Should be comfortable working independently and in a team.

Application Closing date: May 1 2018

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3) Practice Manager


Job Description

  • Works with physicians to develop business strategies and patient services

  • Designs and implements workplace procedures

  • Liaises with general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, and other medical practice employees to ensure they have necessary support

  • Manages practice and department budgets

  • Oversees daily practice operations, including appointment scheduling, billing procedures, debt collections, cleaning, security, and occupational health and safety

  • Leads a team made up of medical secretaries, receptionists, records staff, and, in some large practices, an assistant practice manager

  • Controls the supply of medications and medical equipment

  • Manages patient records and IT system

  • Evaluates appointment procedures and patient services

  • Recruits, trains, and supervises new administrative employees

  • Recruits new patients

  • Interacts with patients and gains customer feedback about the practice

  • Addresses patient complaints in a compassionate and timely fashion

  • Manages the production of patient brochures, newsletters, and other correspondence

  • Monitors practice's progress in meeting government targets

Practice Manager Skills and Qualifications:

People Person, Strong Oral and Written Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Organizational Skills, Management Skills and Experience, Leadership Skills, Computer Literacy and Knowledge of Relevant Software, Budgeting Skills, Accounting Skills, Ability to Work as Part of a Team, Analytical Skills, Health and Safety Knowledge, Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Business, Health Management or similar

Application Closing date: August 1 2018

Does this sound like your dream job? If so, apply below;