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Brookfield Centre for Lifestyle Medicine, a part of Brookfield Clinics is a leading provider of integrated health care to local and international families. We are a multidisciplinary all-inclusive medical and wellness organization established to keep you in a state of optimal health and wellbeing, through appropriate, evidenced-based and well-timed lifestyle interventions.

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We offer specialist clinics in Family medicine, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Urology, Dermatology, Cardiology, ENT, and more.

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Tailored to meet your unique needs. Our expert team designs comprehensive wellness plans that align with your goals.

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Comprehensive health assessments and personalized wellness plans for professionals on the go.

Family Wellness:

Nurturing the health of your loved ones with family-focused wellness packages. Corporate Wellness: Elevate workplace well-being with our tailored corporate wellness programs.

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What Our Client Says

My father died at a young age with diabetes being the noted as the cause of death so if I needed any motivation at all it was right there in front me. With the help of the doctors I naturally began cutting down on sugary foods, cutting alcohol out of my diet and replacing carb heavy processed foods with natural whole foods…reducing my coffee intake and increasing my water consumption. I now paid attention to the food labels with those hidden sugars, the so called low fat foods that were laden with unhealthy additives not to mention the takeaway meals where you had no control over what you were eating. Over time I noticed my sugar levels were reducing, my lipid levels began to drop not to mention some of the ailments such as acid reflux, bad sleeping patterns and a general feeling of low energy began to disappear without medication. I began to wake up feeling like I’d had a god night’s sleep and feeling refreshed…my clothes felt better, I wasn’t feeling the heat quite as much as before. Even my eye sight improved, a mystery indeed…I no longer require long distance glasses when I’m driving.


After a long interview, I was told I had Mild Anxiety Disorder and was placed on Sertraline for one Month. After which I was to come for another review. I read the side effects of Sertraline and discovered this may lead to drug dependence not to talk of the side effects which were very troubling to me, my wife, and family. I decided I was not going to take that route and got in touch with Dr Ifeoma Monye of Brookfield Centre for Lifestyle Medicine. It was one of the best decisions I made. We had a counselling session where she proffered therapy in the following areas. 1) Halt all Medications for now 2) Fluid consumption and particular ones to avoid 3) Use of Electronic Gadgets 4) Sleep Hygiene 5) A couple of Breathing Exercise Techniques. Applying these therapies for the next 1 week, showed a tremendous turn around. My Tremors I usually had my right hand, Palpitations and Panic attacks had reduced by 80 percent. Sleeping was still difficult but was beginning to turn around slowly.

G(Abuja, Nigeria) NY Citizen